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The Rolex Day Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold Replica Review

Having a Rolex watch on your wrist is sure a very good thing. It portrays class and elegance and you sure have respect from all of your friends. In addition, it is also an excellent piece of jewelry. For watch enthusiasts, a Rolex watch is necessary in order to finish of your collection. If you are not able to afford a genuine Rolex watch, there is an excellent option. You can go for a replica - The Rolex Day Date 18k Gold Replica.

At fake Watch Group, you can find a collection of replica that resemble the genuine Rolex watches. Only a professional watchmaker would be able to realize the difference. These watches are made with the highest possible quality. The watches use Swiss clone movements so you can be sure that they are composed of the best possible technology.

The Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers with a Fluted Bezel 18k Gold replica is among the replicas sold by Kronos. This replica is outstanding in its ability to mimic the genuine one. All its features make it one of the finest Rolex replicas in the world.

In this article, I am going to outline the features of this watch and give you the way its features are meant to make you feel like you are wearing a genuine Rolex Day-Date. The Rolex Day-Date was made for those people who desired to have the date and the name of the day to show in the dial. This The Rolex Day Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold Replica has imitated that innovation.

Details for the Rolex Day Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold Replica

The Model Case

The model case is made of Solid 904 steel, one of the finest and most durable alloys in the market. This case has detailed prints and engravings as the genuine one. The case is 36 mm long and it is suitable for people who desire a fairly smaller watch. It has a solid screw down crown with PHE Swiss rubber seal to make sure that no water or any other particles can penetrate it. It has the same Rolex engravings on the Rehaut just as the genuine one.

The watch is made with the genuine disassembled and the latest technology in the name of CAD, modular molds and CNC laser machines used to replicate it to the finest. All parts of this watch are interchangeable with the genuine one. The serial numbers are inscribed in the bezel and each watch has its own serial number.

The President Bracelet

The watch's bracelet is president type. It has the semi-circular three-piece link design and it is made from thick 18k gold wrap with a ClearDLC? scratchproof finish.

The Movement

This watch has a Rolex 3255 Swiss Clone movement whose accuracy matches the limits of the Swiss COSC so you can be sure of its accuracy. Five different types of Swiss Nano-Oil lubricants to make the movement durable with minimum maintenance required after manufacture lubricate it. It has the smooth sweeping second hand. This movement is a mechanical self-winding type with a Glucydur balance. The shock resistance case, housing prevents the rotor from any interference that can cause tamper with the watch's accuracy. You would no need to reset your watch all the time if in case it fell down.

The Fluted Bezel

This watch has a fluted bezel. Though it lacks the rotatable feature that people like me love in bezels, the bezel is made for utmost functionality. This bezel is made from thick 18k Gold wrap and the finish is just awesome. The way the bezel and the dial's color blend in this watch is one of the definitive features of this watch. The bezel has a ClearDLC? scratchproof finish.

The Gold Colored Dial

Another unique and standout feature of this watch is the gold dial. The dial represents the luxury that this watch is meant for. The SuperLuminova? Gold markers complete the fine look. This dial has a day and date function just as the name suggested.

The Crystal

This watch has a Swiss made scratchproof Sapphire crystal with colorless anti-reflective coating inside out, which enables you to easily read the watch in any light intensive environment. The crystal is equipped with a Cyclops lens over the date and day function to prevent you from straining any time that you want to read them.

Water Resistance

Just as the genuine watch, this The Rolex DayDate Replica is water resistant for depths down to 100 meters or 330 feet. This is made possible by the screw-down crown and the rubber seals. Its water resistance is fully tested by in Kronos' Swiss workshop with Rolex Natator, a Rolex water resistant tester for Rolex watches.

This is a very fine fake watch and I would like to recommend it to any person there who loves elegance and functionality that matches a real Rolex Day-Date.